About Us

Celtoi Designs (pronounced 'kell-toy) takes it's name from the original Greek word for the Celts and is a small craft and artistic enterprise based in Dundonald, not far from the iconic Stormont Parliament buildings in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  It was created by the late Adrian McAleese in 2001 and since then Adrian quickly made a name for himself in the competitive giftware market, having come to the attention of exclusive stockists and clients from showings at many prestigious trade and craft exhibitions around the country.         

All of Adrian's work combines the ancient and iconic Celtoi Knot with 'newspaper cuttings' printed with the customers specific details.  This creates a uniquely individual and handmade gift that is suitable for any occasion.

Adrian  was interviewed on local TV and radio about his work and gave presentations to budding entrepreneurs keen to replicate his success and start their own businesses.  The story of the personal journey and  experiences that led to the creation of Celtoi Designs is truly an inspirational one and is reflected in The Celtoi Knot Poem, written by  Adrian himself.

Adrian also wrote articles for Interior Design Magazines and has been featured in a wide range of magazines and  publications. 

Adrian's work is being carried on by his partner Tim who wants this unique work to continue as a tribute to him.


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